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Forged hollow-edge santoku knives? Check. Stamped micro-serrated paring knives? Got 'em. Everything Kitchens carries a comprehensive selection of chef's knives, carving sets, and knife block sets from industry giants like WÜSTHOF, Mercer, Shun, and ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS. And for the cutting-edge (ahem) among you, ceramic knives from Kyocera are a novel alternative to traditional stainless-steel blades, each of which includes complimentary sharpening from Kyocera for the life of the blade.
  • Knife Block Sets

    Extensive selection of high-quality knives all contained in a stylish block, complete with essentials for efficient meal preparation.
  • Bread Knives

    Bread knives are available in a variety of styles & sizes to help cut through crusty bread loaves or more delicate sandwich bread, ripe tomatoes or the thick rind of a watermelon.
  • Carving & Slicing Knives

    Carving knives & slicers have longer blades which allow for smooth slicing, expertly cutting everything from roasts, hams, poultry & fish to cakes & sandwiches.
  • Cheese Knives & Boards

    Serve a perfectly presented cheese plate or charcuterie board & impress your guests with our selection of cheese knives & boards.
  • Chefs' & Cooks' Knives

    Chefs' knives or cooks' knives are an absolute essential kitchen tool, ideal for cutting herbs & vegetables but also for slicing & chopping meat or fish.
  • Cleaver & Boning Knives

    Cut through thick meat & bones with a professional-grade kitchen cleaver or be sure to cleanly remove as much meat from the bone as you can with a boning knife.
  • Electric Knives

    Used for more than carving the Thanksgiving Day turkey, you can quickly & easily cut through tough meat cuts, prepare fish or chop fruits & vegetables.
  • Japanese Cutlery

    Steeped in centuries of tradition, Japanese cutlery is artistically styled & functional with razor-sharp blades in a variety of knife styles, sizes & finishes.
  • Fillet Knives

    Whether your catch comes from the ocean or a pond, easily & effortlessly remove the tender meat of your fish with any of the fillet knives in our cutlery selection.
  • Nakiri Knives

    Nakiri knives are shaped like a slender cleaver & known as a classic Japanese vegetable knife, perfect for precision cuts & chopping vegetables.
  • Paring Knives

    A paring knife is an all-purpose knife (available in a variety of sizes & styles) designed for small, intricate work like peeling, mincing or cutting small garnishes.
  • Santoku Knives

    With a straight edge for slicing, dicing & chopping, Japanese Santoku knives combine the best features of a chef's knife & cleaver into one multi-purpose tool.
  • Specialty Knives

    Reach for the right tool for the job with a specialty knife designed specifically for the task at hand, from child-safe knives to oyster knives, avocado knives to sushi knives & more!
  • Steak Knives

    Effortless slice through a perfectly seared ribeye, thick pork chop or any other meat with one of these steak knives, available individually or as complete sets.
  • Sushi Knives

    Sushi knives feature a long, thin elegant blade with the precision to cleanly cut through delicate ingredients smoothly.
  • Utility Knives

    Smaller than a chef's knife but larger than a paring knife, a utility knife is highly versatile for everyday tasks like cutting sandwiches or slicing meat.
  • Cutting Boards

    Stylish & functional, our selection of cutting boards is available in a variety of finishes, materials, sizes & styles to handle all of your prepping needs, one chop at a time.
  • Kitchen Shears

    Another kitchen must-have is a good pair of kitchen shears which can snip through delicate items like herbs but are strong enough to cut through bone.
  • Knife Blocks & Storage

    Beautifully display your knives, discreetly tuck them away in an under-cabinet storage rack or explore your options to safely store & organize your cutlery.
  • Meat Forks

    The perfect companion to your favorite carving knife, our meat forks are ready to help you take on the next holiday roast with both style and ease.
  • Sharpeners

    Maintain your edge & keep your knives sharp with any of our knife sharpener tools for precision grinding & fine honing.
  • Ceramic Knives

    Unlike traditional knives, ceramic knives are lightweight, rust-resistant, non-reactive & rarely need sharpening.
  • Non-Stick Knives

    Colorful non-stick knives have a coating on the blade to make it effortless to slice, cut or chop through different types of food & easy to clean.