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Indoor Gardening Made Simple: A Foolproof Guide for People who Kill Fake Plants

By Everything Kitchens


Indoor Gardening - Self Watering Plante & Kitchen Herb Garden

Not all of us are blessed with a green thumb or have the skills to cultivate a garden for a bountiful harvest. Or maybe you don't have the yard space needed to start that dream garden because you live in an apartment? Or quite possibly, you fall into a different category altogether and have tried to grow things but managed to kill even fake plants? No judgment here! What if we told you we know how to make indoor gardening so simple ANYONE can do it?!

A handful of fresh basil, oregano, mint or dill can elevate your cooking to a whole new flavor level. But knowing your herbs are homegrown, just picked from your own indoor garden, is so satisfying. Indoor gardening gives you the freshest possible ingredients with the knowledge of where it comes from, like if it's been grown organically or free from pesticides which are all additional benefits.

Starting an indoor garden can be as easy as dropping an herb plant into a self-watering planter or, you can even grow an herb garden without soil.

3 reasons why you should have an indoor garden

1.  Fresh is BEST!
It's always ideal to use the freshest ingredients possible when cooking. What could be fresher than plucking herbs from an indoor garden right on your kitchen windowsill? Add basil to your caprese salad, a sprig of rosemary to your roasted chicken or use the calming scent of lavender in your bedroom to create a peaceful atmosphere (or maybe to mask any smelly, unpleasant odors).

2.  Indoor gardening = 365 days
Unlike a traditional garden, you won't have to worry about what "planting season" you're in. You can grow the things in your indoor garden all year round and, with the help of the Modern Sprout Plant Grow Bar, you can bring the light needed for your plants to thrive into your home. The Grow Bar features a timer which provides low to full light settings as well as automatically fading on and off to mimic sunrises and sunsets.

3.  ANYONE can do it!
You don't need a large plot of land or even a backyard. Green thumb or black thumb, full-time student or retiree, indoor gardening takes away the backbreaking work of a conventional garden and the time-consuming tasks of garden maintenance. It also paves the way for the flexibility and freedom to grow as much or as little as you'd like, with the ability to grow a variety of fresh herbs and vegetables and no worries about sticking to a strict watering schedule. You won't even need to be concerned about the amount of sunlight your plants are receiving.

Thanks to self-watering planters or indoor garden kits, you can start your own indoor garden in no time!

Self-Watering Grow Pots


Indoor Gardening - Self Watering Plante & Kitchen Herb Garden Lechuza

Shop Indoor Herb Gardening

Self-watering grow pots are about as simple as you can get - use any store-bought flowering plants or herbs, insert the included wick into the pot, and drop it into the planter.  No re-potting is necessary and thanks to the easy-to-use wick irrigation system, you'll simply add water to the reservoir and your plants will receive the right amount for several weeks. This system is perfect for people who either forget to water their plants or those who drown them by overwatering.

Planters are available as a single cube or triple cube watering system in decorative white or slate color options.

 Lechuza CUBE Color Triple Planter


Mason Jar Gardening & Indoor Garden Kits


Indoor Gardening - Self Watering Planter & Kitchen Herb Garden - Modern Sprout

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When counter space is at a premium, mason jar gardening is a great way to bring the outdoors into your home. Unlike other planters, mason jars are more portable and versatile when decorating your home. You can group several jars together on a window sill or tabletop, or suspend them using a hanging kit. Showcase individual growing flowers or herbs in any part of the home or nestle it onto a bookcase niche.

Indoor Gardening - Self Watering Planter & Kitchen Herb Garden - Modern Sprout

Modern Sprout indoor garden kits come complete with everything you need from seeds to soil with detailed instructions to walk you through each step. Like the self-watering planters, these indoor kits include a hemp wick to administer the right amount of water your growing plant needs. When the water level becomes low, simply add more water to the reservoir and eliminate the risk of overwatering or drowning your plants.

Modern Sprout How It Works


With indoor gardening, your newly budding plants and herbs might need a little help to get the right amount of light. It is recommended to place your indoor garden in well-lit areas to receive the maximum amount of sunlight or maybe think about investing in a grow light, like the Modern Sprout Plant Grow Bar, to give it a little bump of exposure as well.

Congratulations on your growing indoor garden! Now what?

A traditional garden requires maintenance like frequent watering, weeding, and pruning. An indoor garden still needs maintenance just none of the labor-intensive, back-breaking physical work. Here is a list of some useful tools for either an indoor or outdoor garden space:

Here a sprout, there a sprout ... everywhere a sprout, sprout!
If you would like to start your seedlings or grow your own mung bean and alfalfa sprouts, consider using Victorio Seed Sprouter - 4 Trays or a GEFU Sprouting Jar.

Indoor Gardening - Self Watering Planter & Kitchen Herb Garden - Fiesta

Here is a fun idea, plant your succulents in Fiesta mugs for an adorable display!

Keeping Your Garden Fresh

  • Feel confident nurturing your indoor garden with TLC using a Barbuzzo Mason Measuring Jar to easily water your plants or refill the reservoir of your indoor gardening kit or self-watering planter.
  • Your newly planted herbs will stay fresh after being picked as long as they're in a Progressive Prep Solutions Herb Keeper where your basil, mint & other herbs will maintain their flavor and vibrant colors.
  • Quickly chop your herbs easily without having to drag out a cutting board and knife when you use this pair of Wusthof Herb Shears. The super sharp 5-bladed scissors snip the herbs right into your bowl, pan, measuring cup or dish. If you need a more fine mince for your rosemary, dill or garlic, try using this Double Mezzaluna Rocking Chopper/Mincer.


Indoor gardening so easy that ANYONE can do it ... so what are you waiting for?

An indoor garden is great for anyone who has a limited amount of space to work with or for someone who doesn't have the time or energy to maintain a traditional garden but still wants to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Or if you're someone who wants to slowly start into gardening but you're notorious for killing any plant that has come across your path. Not only are there health benefits from having an indoor garden like adding fresh oxygen into your living space and creating a more zenlike environment in your home, the additional benefits of adding fresh herbs and vegetables to your cooking provide an economically-conscious and sustainable way of cooking.

Indoor gardening can be as simple as dropping a store-bought plant into a self-watering planter system or growing it from an indoor garden kit. Some great starter plants are basil and mint or be more adventurous and grow fresh herbs like bee balm or cinnamon basil for your cocktails or tea.
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