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Top 10 Kids' Kitchen Gadgets | 2018

By About Chef Austin Chef Austin


See all the latest kids' kitchen gadgets and gifts for 2018. Get your children interested in food and cooking with these great kitchen tools. Included is the Curious Chef knife set and baking set! These make awesome kids Christmas or birthday gifts! Be sure to check out all of our hand-picked gift guides!


Top Kids Kitchen Items

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Nordic Ware Smiley Face Emoji Pancakes - Wake up with a smile enjoying emoji pancakes for breakfast. These small pancakes are perfect for kids to have fun and the smiley face pancakes will surely brighten up everyone’s day! Have the kids help mix the batter while you handle the hot stuff in this awesome kids' kitchen gadget!

Kids Kitchen Gifts, Aprons

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Kids Aprons - Enhance the excitement of cooking in the kitchen for your kids with a special apron just for them. The Rootin Tootin Cowboy Apron is the best in the west and the Cherries Apron is bright and cheery to make cooking any dish fun (and there's a matching one for mom!). See our whole collection of Now Designs aprons here.

Kids Kitchen Gifts, Tacosaurus Rex

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Tacosaurus Rex - The only thing more fun than tacos is a dinosaur to hold your tacos. The Tacosaurus Rex (and his buddy the TriceraTaco Holder) will make dinner fun and exciting when your kids can create their very own taco and then have them held by their favorite dinosaur. These kids' kitchen gadgets are BPA free and dishwasher safe.

Top Kids Kitchen Items, Sugarbooger Bowl

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Sugarbooger Isla The Mermaid Collection Suction Bowl by Ore' Originals  - Make a splash at mealtime by serving your small fry dinner in a bowl swimming with colorful images of life under the sea. The Sugarbooger bowl has a suction base to hold the bowl steady and off of the floor while the kiddos dive through mashed potatoes, mac ‘n cheese, or chicken nuggets. Don't forget to grab the matching Isla the Mermaid divided platesippy cup, and bibs.

Kids Kitchen Items- R2-D2 Popcorn Maker

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Star Wars R2-D2 Mini Popcorn Maker - Watch the kids' faces light up when they see corn kernels instantly turn into fluffy popcorn. The R2-D2 mini popcorn maker is modeled after everyone's favorite beeping and blooping robot from Star Wars. Also, check out the Star Wars themed waffle maker to make breakfast fun too. This kids' kitchen gadget is so easy to use - kids can help by adding the oil and the popcorn with the included measuring cups.

Top Kids Kitchen Items- Hot Dog Cutter

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Jokari Dachshund Hot Dog Cutter - An easy way to get the little ones involved in meal prep - the Jokari Hot Dog Cutter is a fun and safe kids' kitchen gadget. Cut hot dogs into tiny bite-size pieces perfect for dipping into ketchup and mustard.

 Top Kids Kitchen Items- Captain America Waffle Maker

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Disney Captain America Shield Waffle Maker - Start the day out feeling like a hero. The Captain America Waffle Maker creates a replica of Captain America's shield, but don't worry, waffles are not made out of indestructible Vibranium so they're completely edible and delicious. Complete your Marvel Kitchen collection with the Captain America Mini Popcorn Maker

Top Kids Kitchen Items - Safety Knives

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Kids Saftey Knife Set by Curious Chef - When children have their own kitchen knives or cooking tools, they can become very excited about cooking. Empower your kids in the kitchen with this nylon knife set from Curious Chef. Guide them as they learn to hold a knife to chop lettuce and slice tomatoes. And don't worry, these kid's knives are built with serrated edges and a blunt tip for safety. 


Top Kids Kitchen Items - KitchenAid Glass Bowl

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KitchenAid Glass Mixing Bowl - See all the mixing action with a clear glass mixing bowl for your KitchenAid mixer. Get kids excited to help cook in the kitchen when they can see whats happening inside the mixing bowl especially for the little ones who are too short to see into the top of a standard metal mixing bowl. Make sure you get the correct glass mixing bowl for your model mixer, available for both tilt-head mixers and bowl-lift mixers.

Top Kids Kitchen Items- Curious Chef Foundation Set

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Foundation Kids Baking Set by Curious Chef - Release your kid's inner pastry chef with the Foundation Baking Set from Curious Chef. These kids' cooking utensils are kid-sized and brightly colored to help your child feel like a real chef. Kids who have their own baking tools have more confidence and are more receptive to learning. Have them suit up with the included apron, chef hat, and oven mitts for the full chef experience.


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